"My husband has always loved me for who I am. But when I continued to gain weight, I became very sensitive and unhappy. I was always tired. I even had a hard time just walking up stairs.

"When I thought about how hard just simple tasks like yardwork were, I knew I had to do something about my weight.

"That's when I called John Morgan, MD at Medibar. I am a new woman now. Thank you Medibar."


Erma - Before
Erma - After
"If you have a weight problem, you know the extra pounds make life frustrating. What bothered me most was that I couldn't get down in the floor to play with my kids. Finally, I quit feeling sorry for myself and did something about it. A friend had told me about Medibar and on my first visit I realized I had found a truly caring medical staff that was educated and trained in the medical specialty of weight loss, Bariatric Medicine. They helped me to lose 100 pounds and changed my life forever. I feel great."


Darryl - Before
Darryl - After
"I weighed over 500 pounds, I could not breathe or get around well at all and felt terrible about myself and the way I looked. I had to buy all my clothes from special catalogs that cost a fortune. I lost 260 pounds in 7 months with Medibar. Now I breathe and get around great. I feel good and am really enjoying who I am and how I look and I can buy clothes that fit at normal stores at normal prices."


Tom - Before
Tom - After
"I was always so tired. On weekends all I wanted to do was sleep. But I didn't feel well, and I had trouble sleeping. I was over weight, and that was what was causing my fatigue. Then the doctor told me about Medibar. The change has been incredible. I work out with my daughters, play golf, jog, and have more fun than I've ever had in a long, long time."


Sherri - Before
Sherri - After
DISCLAIMERS: Medibar Diet makes no claim that these results are representative of all Medibar patients. As individuals vary so does weight loss and maintenance.


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